New Found Leader of Qin-Shu-Bao


Work is my duty. I find passion in the labor I do for my home world! The eyes cannot see what I have seen and have heard. Hope is but candlelight in the wind. Fickle and fading I cannot escape the chains that bind me. It is said I am free, but am I really and how would I know? Work is to provide for myself and my family. I do this until I am no more. With such a short lifespan why do I do this?

Why subject myself to this… oh this is silly. Work is good for me! Work is good for you! Work to better Qin-Shu-Bao! Hurra Hurra! Qin-Shu-Bao!

What is this? What is that smell? Where did they come from? I can’t stand it what is that smell? The grief is in the air and I feel dispair! STOP IT! I must be freed from this madness! My ancestors only lived for a short while and I toil more and more…..

That smell it comes again! Why wont it stop?!

They are dead. I have to clean their blood. Sliced and diced the bodies are a mess. What happened here? Am I a fool? No…

Who are they? They look like me, but they are fierce and quick… swiftly so many are dead, but they don’t harm us…. they are us.


I am a centipede!

I am Gyazz and these are my people!!!



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