Space: The Protocols of Longevity

Three weeks in space

Session 2

There was a small group in the ship that rebelled against the captains rule. The captain robustly handled the situation. All rebels were executed as directed by The Federation. A rebel does not have a soul and is, therefore, a heretic.

The rebels targeted the station core to disarm the and to assume power. Their essence was that the captain was a ruthless man and had killed multiple innocents. That his core associates Lieutenant Jones, Lieutenant Binzon, and Sergeant Yojimbo are all mad men. That they are the essence of evil and should be removed. Fortunately this is not the mindset of the crew and the loyalist to The Federation know better.

Allysa, the head of the rebellion, was squashed by the heavy hand of the captain. Sergeant Myers is under question for assisting the rebel cause. Rumors have it that he will be executed shortly.


Puppet_Master rockdtben

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