Space: The Protocols of Longevity

Two weeks in space

Session 1

The exploration mission under the guidance of Captain Tin entered in conflict with Mutie rebels. Reports show that there were no mutant survivors. Ex Federation soldier PFC Reynolds was taken as prisoner and in now in quarantine.

What was in the escape shuttle?

Did the captain make the right choice?

Will the pilot able to step up?

Was drugging PFC Reynolds the best way to go?

Can the doctor restore the sanity of PFC Reynolds?

Will the head of security keep us safe?

Mess Hall Rumors

“Head of Security seems to favor PVT Kennedy that slob!”
“I like Usagi he will keep us safe. Stop spreading your lies!”

“The captain is a callous man he killed those mutants when he didn’t have too!”

“The doctor, captain, and pilot refuse to alien meat. These milk drinkers are going to get us killed I know it!”

“I hear the doctor and head of security were interrogating a man and they used some psychoactive drugs on him. I don’t think I’m going in for my next monthly checkup…”


1.) Go to your profile page and hit the Edit Pofile button

2.) Change your timezone to -06:00GMT so we can be synced on times and the calendar will show the correct times for everyone.

This calendar can be synced with most calendar apps.

Two weeks in space

It looks like the calendar still is off when you try to sync it with other calendars.

Two weeks in space

The calendar was fine for me. What is exactly is “off” about it?

Two weeks in space

It seems it doesn’t sync properly with google, but if your having no problems then were okay.

Two weeks in space
Puppet_Master Siljestam

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